Botulinum Toxin

A minimally invasive injectable that diminishes facial expression wrinkles.

Get results with little to no downtime that last anywhere from 3-6 months.
A.L. Aesthetic Center counts with a highly trained healthcare professional to perform the procedure.

This FDA-approved product temporarily relaxes the muscles that cause lines on multiple areas on the face like frown, forehead, around the eyes or crow’s feet, neck and hands/armpits for excessive sweating.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does It Work?

    Using a very fine needle, BOTOX is injected into the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. The Botulinum toxin will bind to the acetylcholine receptors, essential in facial muscle contraction, resulting in muscle relaxation. This reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance.

  • How Long Do Botox Injections Last?

    For most of our patients, the effects of a Botox injection can last anywhere from 3-6 months. As they wear off, previously treated lines and wrinkles may slowly reappear. But, with repeated treatment, wrinkles often appear less severe than before, since the muscles have been trained to relax.

  • When Will I See Results From Getting Botox?

    You may see results as early as within 24 to 48 hours of injection, as the Botox ingredients bind to the acetylcholine receptors. With the maximum effect visible from 10-15 days.

  • Why A.L. Aesthetic Center?

    AL Aesthetic Center is a highly experienced Aesthetic Facility. At A.L. Aesthetic Center, our highly healthcare practitioners will help you target your wrinkles. When you sign up for a free consultation, we will work with you to find the treatment that works best for you.