High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

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HIFU is an advanced cosmetic technology that significantly tightens and lifts the face/neck. This rejuvenation procedure has become extremely popular in aesthetic medicine due to all its benefits and amazing results.It also reduces signs of aging and improves the tone of the skin in a single session.

HIFU is a long-lasting, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin. This ultrasound energy triggers the production of you own natural collagen without damaging delicate tissue.

  • Benefits of HIFU Treatments

    Reduces wrinkles and tightens saggy skin

    Lifts the cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids

    Defines the jawline and tightens the neck

    Helps for loose skin under the chin, improving the appearance of double chin.

    Natural looking and long-lasting results

    No downtime or recovery time, safe and effective

  • When do I see HIFU results?

    After just one treatment, you can start noticing some results. The results continue to get better over time for up to six months.


  • How often can you do HIFU?

    For most patients, HIFU treatment can be repeated 2-3 times a year. The ideal intervals are 4-6 months.